Kogman & Keisie is a meeting place; of the Nature Reserve and town, natural environment, farming and gardening, rest, work and adventure, but most importantly the Kogmanskloof gorge and the Keisie river.

A couple of years ago I had a vision of my hand brushing through silver olive leaves while walking in a grove with golden sunlight reflecting on every movement. This vision grew into a mission and I set my heart to make this a reality in 2008. It’s a long story (…I’ll be happy to share this with you if you ask) but I had to let go in order to be born again in the countryside. The countryside is a place of community, healthy lifestyle, peace, safety and a life close to our Creator.

From the city to the countryside was a challenging adjustment but all in the Loving Will for the better! Living so close to nature and a caring community brought me closer to what is truely important in our short time on this magnificent planet. One remains humble here knowing that you are at the mercy and love of the the breathing wind, the heavenly rain, perfectly orchestrated seasons and the soil-body that we are privileged custodians of. Every day is a pure blessing you soon realise waking up in the presence of the surrounding family-like mountains. Peace and stillness is a prayer on it’s own when you are aware.

The reason I choose to farm with nature (organically) is because I believe in building up the land, not destroying it. Lee Lacocca said, “Your legacy should be that you made it better than it was when you got it”. It’s important to practice permaculture principles by observing nature. I learn something everyday and try to practice that which is most natural and best for the soil, plants, animals and humans.

In the time I’ve been here, starting out with little and surviving two floods, a close call mountain fire and low capital at times, I can now confess that all my investment in the form of faith, hope, passion, sweat and tears paid off well. My business has grown and the farm is looking happier and healthier than ever before. The best of all is that the love of my life found me here and a year later we got married. Liana joined me on the farm in 2012 and her personality, love and passions has brought so much colour and style to the farm. 

Liana always wanted to live on a farm and have plenty of animals and the ability to see her plants grow, no longer in pots but in soil. The farm has changed her life fulfilling her dream and embracing the alternative country lifestyle.

What makes us most happy is to share this piece of earth with guest and hope that they can see what we see.
Thank you for enabling us this opportunity by your support.
Petrus & Liana

Kogman & Keisie is a place where rock and water meet in abundance, it’s a place about sharing, it’s a place about the bountifulness of the Creator’s love. We look forward sharing this lifestyle and the beautiful countryside with you!