dogs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, cats

Animals play an essential part on our farm. They have a key role in the life cycle of all the other life forms. Managed correctly, they are our soil builders, without which our plants will fail to thrive. For us, animals are like instant composters. We keep quite a variety of animals on the farm, including:

Sheep: Around 24 indigenous Damara sheep.

Chickens: A collection of 40 plus hens and roosters, mixed Koekoeks, Buff-Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, Venda and werfhoenders.

Geese: Our very focal 7 white and greys(they manage many an insect problem)

Duck: Muscovies and Quackers (they help to manage the snail problem)

Dogs: Rough Collie named Lassie, Border Collie named Kabouter, Bouvier des Flandres named Miena, a wild dog that looks like a jackal named Dinga (Kabouter found her in the mountain and brought her to the farm. He started sharing his food with her, and eventually I managed to tame her – too late, as she was already pregnant with seven puppies!), and the other wild dog cross border collie named Otto (the son of Kabouter and Dinga)

Cats: Suki, our attention-seeking Grey Burmese

Rescue tortoises: The wild tortoises in our area get hurt quite often, whether being driven over or vindictively assaulted. After treatment at a local vet, tortoises are slowly reintroduced back into their natural environment (the mountain) on our farm.

Various birds: A rich variety of endemic and common wild birds