Playgrounds & animals

A farm is a fairy tale for children and we always feel very honoured when parents with children choose to stay with us. Children are welcome to roam and experience the farm to its fullest extent and through the process, reconnect with what it means to be a child. If children return home with dirty feet and hands, we’re happy!

We’ve constructed a large and imaginative playground for children of all ages (Liana loves to swing…). It is located close to the very shallow farm dam and the chicken coop. A trampoline, vintage farm implements and a few benches compliment the play area. 

Children are encouraged to interact with the chickens, geese and Muscovy ducks. Any extra bread and vegetables can be hand-fed to them all. The Damara sheep always have lambs, but do not allow strange humans too close. Everyone is welcome to enter all pens, please just close the gates behind yourself.

Our five dogs are all very friendly with children and love accompanying them everywhere. They love being brushed and stroked and our own son has taught them all to be very patient. 

Please also see Hiking trails and Swimming Pools for favourite children activities.