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We have over 700 Mission and Frantoio olive trees on the farm. Every year we harvest the ripe olives by hand and have them pressed at a friends’ farm in Klaasvoogds. They imported a centrifugal press, and although they are also an organic farm, our olives get pressed first thing in the morning and kept completely separate to ensure a premium product. About 10% of the olive harvest is also placed in a brine mixture for four to six months and then bottled with vinegar and herbs for outstanding table olives.

 We are blessed by the amount of fresh produce we get from the farm and around our town. Our farm produces various seasonal vegetables from heirloom seed. Petrus is particularly fond of tomatoes and have quite a collection! We also get figs, blood oranges, quinces, pomegranates, grapes and granadillas on a regular basis. A number of fruit farms flank our town, so we often get ample quantities of apricots, peaches and plums. We often make preserves, cordials, jams or pickles from these to keep some sunshine for the cooler seasons. Every year our abundant tomato harvest miraculously transforms into pasta sauces, jams and other delicacies. And every morning our happy hens leave us farm eggs, guaranteed free range and only fed a grain, pulses, kitchen scraps (from the Kloof Padstal Restaurant and the farm breakfasts) and insect diet.

Our farm borders the Montagu Mountain Nature Reserve and many of the Langeberg Fynbos species thus grows on the farm. We harvest small quantities of this for our natural bath products (Fijn Botanicals) and also distill some of them. We have planted over 900 Lavender plants all over the farm and this is also used dried or distilled in our products.